Brailsford Pre-School has been in existence for around thirty years, evolving over time to a modern, fully registered setting providing early years education through the EYFS framework.
We operate from the Village Institute, situated on the Main Road in Brailsford, which affords us a large, secure indoor and outdoor space. There is also a large adjacent car park making for a safe drop off and collection.
We have a wide selection of resources we regularly rotate giving the children plenty of choice. We love to get messy every day here at Brailsford and incorporate a variety of activities from our ice quarry, to a jelly ocean and a shaving cream mountain for little hands to touch and explore.
We are a registered charity aiming to provide quality early years education at an affordable price. We are open to all children aged 2-5 years.
We are experienced in catering for children with a range of additional needs and we would be pleased to talk to families about how we can support your child in partnership with any other agencies.


“My 5 year old attended this lovely pre-school for 2 years prior to starting school.  Our experience of the SEN care given to our child has been excellent. I cannot recommend this setting highly enough, they did so much to help him in every way, making the transition to school much easier.”
Jane, Mum to Jonathan and Sophie