Our Day

We open Monday to Thursday during term times. Our morning sessions run from 9:00am to 12:00pm. We offer afternoon sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. We also offer a 1 hour lunch club Tuesday to Thursday to enable families to benefit from a longer day.
Our typical day follows a familiar outline that gives the children a sense of stability and enables us to provide a wide range of activities including lots of free choice in what they do, alongside adult led activities and lots of time outdoors. Our day is fluid and we deliberately retain a degree of flexibility to allow us to be responsive to the needs and requests of our children.
Although no two days are the same a typical morning session might look like this;
9:00 arrive, free play
9:15 get set go – wake up time, lots of crazy moves choreographed by our pre-schoolers!
9:30 free play, construction activities, imagination activities, messy play, creative play, physical play, mark making, numeracy and literacy activities, ICT activities, home corner – or whatever is requested!
09:45 wash hands
09:45 – 10:15 Rolling snack time – children encouraged to make independent choices of what to have and when, and to serve themselves
10:15 Adult led activities, sometimes by age group/freeplay
10:45 Outdoor activities
11:15 Story time
11:30 Tidy up time
11:45 Group activity such as music
12:00Time to go home
We regularly talk to the children and their families to understand their changing interests which are then reflected in the activities we offer each day. Children are encouraged to choose their own activities and to join in with group activities, but they are never rushed and they are always listened to.
We use loose themes that allow us to build activities that continue to meet the needs of individual children. Our activities such as crafts and role play develop organically over a period of time allowing children to consolidate their learning and grow in confidence as they alter, improve and find new ways of doing things.
We provide a quiet area for resting and relaxing that children may use if they wish.
​We aim to be outdoors as much as possible and when the weather allows we will spend the entire session outside.
We always welcome feedback from children and their families about activities they have liked or disliked and we plan our time to accommodate our children’s preferences. We aim for a wide range of activities to suit all age groups and abilities.